Artis‍‍‍t Bio

Joshua Tukes

Hey Everyone! My name is Joshua Tukes and welcome to my official artist website!

Art has always been my passion and life. Ever since I was a kid I have been drawing and painting. It is my commitment and goal to share my passion and virtues of life through the expression of my art.

I am an independent artist/cartoonist living in Southern California. My brothers, Elijah and Michael Tukes, and I formed the Tukes Arts company were we create stories through film, art, comics, and live events.

On this website you can view and purchase my art work. I also teach art classes for kids and adults in Moreno Valley, CA. And I'm available as an artist for hire doing commission and freelance work. For inquires and rates please click here to contact me.

I hope many of you will find things that will inspire you here on my website.

To find out more about our media arts company please visit

Blessings to you all.

Creation Begins With Vision