Artist Tips


Story Fordge at Won‍‍‍de‍‍‍r Con 2017

At Wonder Con 2017 I got to meet the‍‍‍ girls behind Story Forge Productions. You can visit them at

Steven Silver at Wonder Con 2017  

At Wonder Con 2017 I got to meet artist and cartoonist Steven Silver. Here is a quick interview with him. You ‍‍‍can visit his sites at , , , and .


Drawing Lessons

Black Panther Drawing Art Lesson

Get your pencils and papers out to follow along with me as I teach the basic steps of how to draw a black panther (animal). I also do a drawing of The Black Panther Superhero for fun towards the end of the video.Originally this video was just going to be for my "Art with Joshua Tukes" newsletter e-mail subscribers. But I figure I share it here too with all of you to enjoy. To make an appointment for a private paint party or sign up for my art classes click ‍‍‍here.