Paint and‍‍‍ Draw

with Joshua Tukes

Private Paint Party Packages

Package One

Artist instructs the art and host provides the art supplies

Host supplies drinks and or food if desired

                 Price per person $37

                 15 people minimum requirement

                 Deposit of $100 required to lock in date

                 Total $555

Package Two

 Artist instructs and provides the art supplies

Host supplies drinks and or food if desired

Price per person $47

                 15 people minimum requirement

                 Deposit of $200 required for material cost and to lock in date.

                 Total $705

Kids Package

 Kids Paint Parties

For paint parties with children ages 5 – 12 (15 kids minimum) ($100 Deposit)

                 Host supplies beverages, food, and or snacks if desired

                                 Price per child $27 if host provides materials

                                 Price per child $37 if artist provides materials

Kids Sketching and Drawing Party

If parents prefer fun time with art, but less mess, I also can do a sketch/drawing party. Price per child is $27 and artist provides all the material. However if parents would like to provide a sketch pad and pencil for the children that is welcomed as well.

Note: Materials cost sheet bellow is the same for children except for canvas size. Canvas size for children is 11 X 14. $13 for a 5 piece pack at Michael’s arts and crafts store.

Additional Note: Teenagers are charged as adults. For Paint Parties that want to include children and adults painting together please contact the artist.

Materials Required

Canvas Panel

 12 x 16 Canvas Panel

  ‍‍5 piece pack at Michael’s Arts and Craft Store is $15

  $45 for 15 Canvases

  (Estimate cost) $3 per person

White Synthetic Flat & Round Brushes by Artist's Loft

 12 pieces pack (3 flat brushes, 9 round brushes)

 One pack covers 3 people

 $60 total for 15 people (5 sets of brushes)

 (Estimate cost) $4 per person (4 brushes for each person)

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic‍‍‍ Color Starter Set‍‍‍

 6 Tubes (white, black, blue, red, yellow, and green)

 $30 total for one set

 (Estimate cost) $2 per person for 15 people

Additional notes:

Artist will provide plastic cups, paper towels, paper plates, one set of extra paint, and a small set of extra brushes. If hosts has any of these materials they would like to provide you are welcomed to do so. (This is for all packages)

The $100 or $200 deposit is nonrefundable. If there is a need to cancel or reschedule once date has been agreed on please let the artist know as soon as possible.

Let artist know 2 weeks in advance what kind or painting your party would like to create. Artist is open to referencing a picture from online, providing past art pieces previously used in other paint parties, or create a new art piece all together. Keep in mind art piece is for the paint party and host should take in consideration the level of artistic skill the people participating in the paint party are at.

Suggestion – Remember music and wine can help people get in the mood for painting; so keep in mind what kind of music you would like to set your paint party atmosphere with. The hosts decides and provides the music. Let the artist know in advance what kind of music your party will be grooving and jamming too. Also don’t forget to provide some type of covering over the table(s) we will be using at your event if you desire paint and water to not spill on them.

Lastly, tips for the artist at the end of each paint party are welcomed, but not required.

Canv‍‍‍as Panel

White Synthetic Flat & Round Brushes by Artist's Loft

Liquitex BA‍‍‍SICS Acrylic Color Starter Set